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Farewell to the EU

Hello again! So I’ve found that although I do love posting about clothes, makeup, stationary etc. I also enjoy putting out my thoughts on topical issues and of course the prevalent issue in the UK currently is Brexit. (apologies if this get’s a bit wordy)

What is Brexit? I actually suggested some of my year 11’s do their group speeches on the topic and they genuinely had no clue what it was. “sounds like a breakfast cereal miss”

This leads to myΒ main Brexit issue… just how many people were ill informed and uneducated when voting leave? and how many still are? In my opinion this number is very high, I don’t believe that the information of the reality of leaving the EU was put across correctly and as my boyfriend and I have joked in the past – maybe people should have passed a test in order to vote. I’ll give you a clear example – somebody I know, in the 50-60 age category who arrived in this country roughly 25 years ago voted to leave the EU to stop immigrants coming to the country. I need not say more as you can clearly see the issue with that.

I will admit now, and this may be controversial but both myself and my mum chose not to vote. I realise now that maybe I should have voted to remain as I see the logic of ‘if we remain, nothing will change’. However at the time of voting I felt that the public were completely bombarded with leading advertisement campaigns telling us of the atrocities that will consume the UK whether we stay or leave. Then there were statements such as that famous Β£350 million commitment to the NHS by Nigel Farage that is now described as a ‘mistake’ on which so many people would have based their leave vote.

My genuine belief is that if the vote were held again we would have the opposite outcome with a much larger margin in the vote. It seems that the truths of Brexit have only surfaced after the vote had been cast and essentially it is now deemed ‘too late’.

Part of this issue lies within the current education system. This may be a slight tangent but there are things that young people should be learning about and it just isn’t happening. I learned the other day that IT or ICT is no longer part of the national curriculum, meaning that children who are growing up in an ever growing technological age literally do not know how to save a document. To me this is mad, alongside the very important issue that children do not learn about important topics such as politics or simple policy of their own country. I started studying law aged 14 at GCSE level, and although I carried this on through to A level and then a degree I can honestly say that I was never taught how exactly the government works or how to understand such things as elections or government policy. This seems to be something that is viewed as optional for young adults, something to learn in their own time. In a situation such as Brexit this knowledge is integral yet such a large majority of the population have no idea what exactly they are voting for.

The trigger of article 50 will happen tomorrow when the Prime Minister notifies the European Council. This will affect many things that the majority of leave voters have not even thought of. These things include european regulations on such things as food or the sharing of research data (the latter obvious is more crucial). So I suppose we will just have to wait and see, and hope that any future decision such as this is a more informed one.

I’ll pop a few articles explaining more about Brexit down here…

Quite a simple explanation of Brexit and how it works

A similar text from the BBC and what happens nextΒ 

The Telegraphs take

A survey by the guardian on the publics thoughts on triggering Article 50

Let me know what you think!

Lib x

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