More than essential: Building my spring wardrobe

Hello again! This is my second post today but it’s been such a long and busy week for me that all of my blogging has seemed to come flooding in at the end of the week. Recently I went back London way and happened to fall into the shops, going home with a lot more than intended. So I thought I’d share a few bits that I’m currently loving and that will be staples of my Spring wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 17.24.16

Firstly and maybe most importantly, I picked up this gorgeous jacket from Zara. I’m really loving the pale pinks that I’ve seen everywhere recently and after falling in love with the same jacket but in grey that belongs to my best pal – I had to get it. I feel like it’s a very simple way to brighten up a very simple outfit and just something a bit different to my usual khaki’s and black’s. The biker style means that its not overly feminine despite the colour and can go with both soft floral outfits, a lighter dress or more going out sort of outfits. The fabric is lovely and soft, although I may look into whether I can use some sort of protection spray (will that work if it’s faux suede?) – I can see that I’ll be reaching for this constantly as we move into spring and summer.

(I can’t actually find it online anymore)

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 17.24.56

Next I spotted these jeans, also from Zara  and especially after trying them on – I fell in love. I’d been after a pair of lighter distressed jeans for a while however I find it so hard to get along with most jeans due to the size of my derrière! I almost didn’t bother as I’ve always assumed Zara jeans were not a great fit for me, but when I put them on in the changing rooms they fit perfectly! I’m also 5’2 yet the length was ideal (looking at the model they should be more cropped – but they are just the length I wanted). These came in at around £25 and I’m honestly really impressed!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 17.24.42Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 17.24.29

Lastly I got my hands on this lovely little top from Primark. It’s a nice crisp white cotton with fluted sleeves and a lovely embroidered flower on the front. This was quite a steal for just £10 and it’s just a great piece to put on with some ripped denim, plus I’d like to think I can pair it with my new pink jacket!

So thats the start of my spring wardrobe, I’ve mentioned before that I’m saving as much as I can so I’ll be keeping to minimal clothing purchases and these are some key items that will go with so much!

Let me know what you think and any spring essential items you’re loving for spring!

Lib x

4 thoughts on “More than essential: Building my spring wardrobe

  1. I am LOVING Zara atm, everything is just so wearable and great quality! I saw the grey version of the jacket and now I have (not) buyers regret after not picking it up! x


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