Sensitive skin review

My whole life I have suffered with sensitive skin meaning I have never been able to pick up just any old product to try, and when I was younger even child targeted shampoos etc were a no go. Most things including spot treatments in my teenage years left me with horribly raised bumpy red skin all over my face.

It’s only recently that I’ve started looking into this issue a bit more and rather than avoiding applying any products to my skin all together, I’ve started my quest to find the right things to nourish and replenish my sensitive complexion. I’m awaiting an appointment to finally get an allergy test and in anticipation I have been trying out more natural products.

I’ve picked up quite a few items from both Superdrug and Boots as they seem to have very affordable ranges with natural ingredients.

Firstly from boots I’ve been trying out the botanics range including different types of cleansers, a scrub, and some moisturising products. I thought I’d give a little explanation for each products of what I liked or didn’t like and whether it worked for my sensitive skin. Plus I hear they are vegan and cruelty free!

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 17.27.25

All Bright hydrating day cream SPF15: I’ve mentioned before that I love most of my facial skincare to contain SPF so that is an instant win. Although this did give a brightening effect that I really like, I wouldn’t say that my skin was completely comfortable while using this.

Softening cleanser 82% Organic: This has been a complete success so far, it does the job removing everything at the end of the day and also leaves my skin feeling soft and calm with no irritation.

Hydration burst dual action cleanser: So far this has given me no problems and it’s nice and gentle on my skin. However I have also been using an exfoliating scrub alongside this which I think has left some irritation.

Super balm 93% organic: Now this one really is super. I use this for dry patches on my face as well as around my nails as they suffer badly in the cold. It’s great for receiving those areas in need of super hydration and I would definitely but this one again!

Cleansing foam wash All Bright: I’ve found that I’ve made my way through a whole tube of this without noticing any problems on my skin so another definite repurchase!

Next I’ve also given some of the Superdrug Vitamin E range a go including a face scrub, facial oil and toning spray.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 15.40.59

Facial oil: Although I did not notice any sort of reaction, I’m not sure that this is for me but I would be interested in trying out some other oils just to make sure.

Gentle oatmeal exfoliating scrub: My initial thoughts on this were that I loved all aspects; being 100% natural, the texture and the smell however I’m quite sure that somehow my skin reacted. I’m going to try it a couple more times to make sure!

Nourishing eye cream: I think this is actually the first eye cream I’ve bought. Obviously I didn’t have the highest of expectations as it’s very affordable and although there was no irritation, I’m quite drawn to similar products that have the silver roller ball where this does not.

Refreshing toning mist: This is actually my favourite product from the range. I haven’t noticed any reaction whilst using it and it’s great after cleansing in the morning to refresh my face before makeup.

All in all I think I’ve found a few lovely products that I can keep using without worrying about my skin. It’s definitely quite a challenge to test just one product at a time to see what will cause a reaction!  My most latest purchase is also the classic Liz Earle cleanse and polish. So far this has been great for my skin so I’ll be looking into buying more from the brand to see how my skin will cope!

Let me know what you think and if you have any sensitive skin recommendations!

Lib x

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