March Goals

February is over! I know it’s the shortest month but it sure did fly by. Overall it has been a good month for me and at risk of quoting Kylie Jenner, it’s been a month of ‘realising stuff’. I’ve made a fair few plans, some decisions career wise and changes to my lifestyle in order to make my life more positive. So I thought I’d do a quick little post to share the changes I’ve made and my goals for this month.

Health and Fitness

I’ve made a lot of changes to my weekly routine both with food and at the gym. Around 2 weeks ago prompted by lack motivation I decided it was time to get back into going to classes at the gym. I went spinning for the first time and I love it! My weekly routine now consists of 4 spin classes, 1 ‘Abs and Ass’ class and 1 yoga class, as well as 1 weights session. So far I’m feeling great and generally have a lot more energy where before I was feeling entirely exhausted daily. In terms of food I’m eating everything in balance, allowing my self small treats at weekends and I’ve gone back to tracking everything using the Fitbit app. I’m definitely aiming to continue this routine and hopefully see the changes in my body in the coming weeks.


Although I would definitely admit that I’m slightly obsessed with stationary and organisation, it’s fair to say that I get easily bored with diaries or journals and find that I often reach for multiple different notebooks to keep my to do lists etc in check. So for the start of March I’ve decided to jump on the bullet journal ship. I’ve researched and watched how others do theirs and I know that being able to add the exact components I need for each month will be right up my street! All the bits and bobs I need arrived this morning so I will keep you updated on how that goes.

Career and Future

I’ve been in a career path rut for so long and to be honest I wouldn’t say that I’m completely out of it. However I will say that I’ve realised that I’m still young and rather than searching for a particular career, i’m aiming for a happy and positive life. Not knowing what sort of job I would like next is a tricky thing but now that James and I have decided the sort of area of the country we would like to live in, we are aiming for jobs there and seeing where life takes us. In terms of this month that involves apps, apps and more apps!


While I’m still saving profusely, I’ve decided to ere more to the thought of ‘it’s only money’. This may sound rather frivolous, but I don’t mean it in terms of spending carefree. I mean this in the sense of knowing that I’ve put money away each month, I haven’t spent on things I don’t need, and therefore I should not feel guilty for spending money in order to meet up with my friends or family. My saving schedule is going well and will continue so, I’m feeling a lot more confident about my financial situation.

March Goals

1   continue saving

2  get my fitness levels higher

3   Apply to and hopefully secure a new job

4  plan more visits to friends and family in London

5  Pass my theory test and get closer to my practical test

These are just a few small changes and decisions, that will hopefully help me to be more positive. I’d love to know any plans, changes or goals you have for the month?

I’m ready for you March!

Lib x

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