My travel bucket list

 After my little trip to Paris a couple of weeks ago it really got me thinking about where in the world I’d like to head to next. I’ve always loved holidays/travelling and the thought of exploring as much of the world as I can. Now that I’ve graduated and already taken a year out prior to uni I can’t really muster up the time nor the funds for a big round the world trip. So instead I thought I’d write down a little bucket list of places I’d like to visit in the next 5 years. I mean obviously plans change and who knows what I would have done or where I will have been in 5 years but it’s nice to have some goals. This is also something new as James and I seem to share a similar list and most of my travelling in the past has been solo! So here’s a few places we’re aiming to visit, be it short breaks or big adventures…


I’ve actually been to quite a few places around Italy whilst interrailing, but we’ve both spoken about how much we’d love to do a road trip around the country one day



These two are places I’m desperate to explore and could be done in a usual holiday timeslot (2 weeks) rather than a big trip away


I’ve heard they’re sinking… is that true? Either way this is my dream wedding destination (so I’m definitely not planning to go any time soon ha!)


I’d obviously love to see the Northern lights- although I’m really afraid of open water especially if its not transparent so I’m not sure I’d like the blue lagoon.


Another road trip idea! A couple of my best pals went on a tour last year and it sounded amazing, especially New Orleans and New York

South East Asia

My dad recently got back from a diving holiday in Thailand and my brother went around South East Asia last year – I’m rather jealous as it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. The culture and especially the food intrigues me. I’d also like to visit the Philippines at some point. James is half Filipino so has been a fair bit so it’s a new addition to my list.


I have a lot of family in Australia but I’ve never been so this is somewhere that has forever been on my list so finding the time in the near future would be great.


I honestly think Fiji looks beautiful, and it’s somewhere I’d love to visit especially as it would be close by if the big Oz trip came around.


I went to India for a while in my gap year and absolutely loved it. It would be amazing to go back to see more of the country and do some more volunteering – I think James would love it too.

I’d love to know if you’ve visited any of these, or whats on your travel bucket list?

Lib x

13 thoughts on “My travel bucket list

  1. I’m from India & have lived in Australia & the Philippines, all I totally recommend 👍 And I visited Iceland last year, which was just ahh-mazing! Happy travels to you 🤗


  2. Nice list. That’s probably longer than the list of foreign countries I’ve visited my entire life lol, working on it though. There’s so much to do here in Jamaica 🙂 if you’re someone who likes to really experience a place & it’s authentic culture, I’d recommend not going to an all-inclusive resort here. Also, the tourist hot spots are Montego Bay, & Ocho Rios but you should also consider visiting Kingston, Port Antonio, Negril, and maybe Falmouth if you’re a history lover. Just some notes for when you do cross Jamaica off your list 😉 Good luck!

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  3. I’d like to check out Iceland and Australia myself, along with several countries in SE Asia (Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, etc. etc.). The list is endless it feels like. Best of luck to you with your list!

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  4. Iceland is great! Been there twice and it’s just as amazing, the nature is just wonderful! I’ve recently went to all the main places in Italy too and seen all the landmarks which was fun. I’ve just done a bucket list too, we have a couple the same! x

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