Souper greens soup

Overall my healthy diet and fitness plan is going rather well. at the beginning of the month I realised I was trying to eat more due to how tired I was but I’ve solved this with reintroducing iron and multivitamin tablets to my routine. I’ve always been on and off anaemic so it’s something I like to do to give me better energy levels, especially if I’m strictly sticking to my gym routine

At the school I work in, my meals are free which include lunch and tea however I don’t tend to stay for the evening meal as I’m often busy and like to get home or to the gym after work. Having lunch catered for means that I tend to eat a larger meal in the middle of the day and usually something smaller in the evening. This recipe is one of the things that I like to make in advance and freeze in portion sized bags (definitely a top tip for those at uni who like to cook from scratch). I would either have the soup alone or if I’m doing a long gym session I’ll make some baked sweet potato slices to go with it.

The simple ingredients I use to make around 4 portions are:

A whole broccoli

2 large handfuls of spinach

2 spring onions/ 1 red onion

a clove of garlic

500ml vegetable stock

pepper to taste

(variations: add a bit of paprika, feta, or chia seeds)

The method is honestly so simple and I just start by cutting florets of broccoli and adding them to a pan of boiling water and letting them cook for roughly 5 minutes.

Next I chop up the onions and garlic and cook them in a little coconut oil with the spinach for about 3 minutes.

meanwhile I boil a kettle of water and measure 500ml out, adding in vegetable stock. I normally use the Knorr stockpots.

Once all the aspects are ready I drain the broccoli, then add everything to my Kenwood Smoothie 2Go and wiz them up for around a minute.


Once thats done the soup is ready to be heated either in a pan or in the microwave.

My favourite variations are:

Adding feta with in the mixer or crumbled on top

Adding paprika

Sprinkling with chia seeds

or all three!!

let me know what you think of the recipe, or any that you love!


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