5 beauty essentials for a minimal makeup wearer

So when starting this blog I was worried that I possibly had too many topics to talk about, however I did not think that beauty would be one of them. I confess that I love and admire the technique and skill of makeup artists, and of bloggers or YouTubers  who focus on beauty – but I am just a minimal makeup gal!

don’t get me wrong, I love buying new makeup and trying new techniques, however I am someone who feels almost claustrophobic under a full face of makeup. In addition to that – as someone with a full face of freckles, I feel that trying to have any sort of full coverage makeup looks quite strange or unnatural and as if i’m attempting to cover them.

So why am I doing a beauty post?? well I’ve found that as animal makeup wearer, who still likes to look presentable – I tend to rely on these 5 staple things to do so.

1. A good base

As I mentioned, full coverage is not for me, but that doesn’t stop me wanted more perfected looking, glowy skin. On a daily basis I reach for the Garnier BB Cream + Blur which as described on the box “smoothes skin texture, blurs pores and imperfections, moisturises and evens tone giving a matte/velvet finish” with the added bonus of SPF 30.


Although I use light foundations when going out etc. I find that this is actually the perfect base for my skin on a day to day basis. I use this in light, alongside a combination of my NARS creamy concealer and Maybeline FIT me concealer to create my winning combo!


My eyebrows are probably the most important part of my makeup routine. If I only had time to do one part of my face, they would be it! I have rather fair and fine hair, meaning my eyebrows when standing alone aren’t exactly the forefront of loveliness. For these reasons I like to keep a short but precise routine for the hold pals and these are my absolute go to products.


I have been using the Rimmel professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel since the day I realised that eyebrows were a thing  and that I barely had any. It’s my go to, andI have tonnes of stubbys laying around just incase! To go with this I use the Benefit Gimme Brow in 01 light and I feel the combination gives natural looking brows that last.

3. Testers…

As someone who doesn’t wear that much makeup, I tend to reacher the same products over and overmanning that I’m reluctant to try new things if I’m unsure. My way of getting round this, and definitely something that was lifesaver whilst at uni was to pick up testers whenever the opportunity presented itself. Whether it’s perfume, skincare, makeup – I’m all about trying things before investing in the real deal. This is also a shoutout tip to those with sensitive skin. The amount of products I’ve bought on whim and ended up reacting to – a nice little solution!

4. Lips 

Especially in these colder months I find its always very important to keep my lips hydrated and feeling looked after. I have to say I’m not much of a fan of a tinned lip balm so this Fresh Sugar Rosé lip treatment is my current go to.


As I mentioned before I like to test products before splashing out, and with quite a hefty price tag for a lip treatment, I gladly received this in a beauty box last year. I have to say it ticks all the boxes, leaving my lips feeling great, a light tint, delightful packaging and of course SPF 15! I definitely think I’ll be trying some more products from Fresh.

5. A reliable fragrance

Lastly something straying slightly away from makeup, I like to make sure that I have fragrances in my collection that I can always rely on. Tip number 3 also relates to this in that I like to get used to smell and make sure it’s something that I will get a lot of wear out of before I purchase – So I’m currently trialling a few.


My current reliable scents are both Rosie for Autograph, and my classic – Channel Coco Mademoiselle. I use the Rosie for more every day use and when working as its a lovely smell yet not too heavy. I tend to use the Chanel Eau de Parfum when going out, seeing friends etc and to get the same scent but lighter I use the Fresh moisture mist – this is something I now can’t live without when travelling.

Hopefully this has been a good insight into my  minimal makeup go-to’s… let me know what you think!


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