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January bargain candle favourites

Candles have always been a key component in the composition of my room, and of course others around the house. This started in my early teens with the introduction of my anxiety and while that is a long story for another time, to me candles were and are simple – they calm me down and some could say I’m slightly obsessed!


Since the festive season is over I have already put away my beloved christmas candles however, as the nights are obviously still chilly I’ve tried to keep some warmth in my wicks.

I’m really enjoying these large tea lights which I found in Lidl and for a price of just 99p the smell is lovely, with a surprisingly long burn time. As you can see by the imagery they hold a sort of spiced apple and cinnamon scent but manages to avoid smelling cheap or overpowering.

The next fab find were the holders for which I use to burn the above tea lights.

Since moving to the west country my family and I have come across a multitude of familiar shops, One of which is on my route to the gym and I often find my wondering in. I couldn’t actually tell you the name of the shop but I’m almost certain it’s independent rather than a chain.

Anyway moving on from the rambling these are the holders and oh gosh what a bargain! 20p!!


They are a sort of tinted glass with dimpled copper around the bottom which I think looks great, img_1366and at that price I honestly could not go wrong!

I’m not really one for an overly floral smell – fresh and natural scents such as sandalwood are more my scene. This is where my next purchase comes in – I found this amber and vintage suede candle in the clearance section of Homebase for under £2.

I find this a really good transition from winter scents as it features more musky tones of sandalwood and freshened up with cherry blossom and tonka.

Alongside this selection, by way of christmas presents I have refreshed my Lilyflame collection. My stand by favourites are the pink trio of fairy dust, blush and party time – along with silent night which I find really does help me wind down for bed.

Lastly I came across a couple of high street finds in H&M and Primark.

On the left is the sweetest little candle from H&M! It’s actually un-scented and I haven’t actually burned it yet but I’m involve with the pineapple design! This was around £2/3 and for something so lovely I couldn’t resist. On the right we’ve got one of the small jar candles from Primark’s ever growing collection. At just £1 each with a variety of smells that aren’t at all overpowering,  it’s a really nice addition to my collection and I do find myself buying them over and over again!

I’m hoping to find a lot more rhythm to my blogging so that I can get down everything I’d like to be writing – but so far I’m feeling good about it!


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