My first foodie post

If i’m completely honest with myself, the start of the year in relation to healthy eating hasn’t exactly got off to a flying start! I wouldn’t say that I’ve been eating badly but I haven’t been eating as well as I should or could and that sluggish winter mood has taken over this week with returning to work; so the gym hasn’t exactly been my best pal.

One thing that I do find hard to moderate when I’m trying to eat well is cheese. Cheese, cheese, cheese – all I want is cheese! I found growing up as a vegetarian, a lot of meat products are replaced with some form of cheese or related option and maybe this is where my love comes from? either way it’s something I just could not cut out and that’s why I try to find easy meals that aren’t all bad, and lower fat options that will satisfy me!

Version 2Firstly it’s important to mention that a variety of lower fat dairy options areย becoming increasingly available. Whilst at uni I discovered ‘greek salad cheese’ by Weight Watchers and as it doesn’t appear to have reached Devon yet, I now use the Apetina 10% a lot. I use this in salads, with my scrambled eggs or omelette and in things like…

Black bean, spinach and feta Quesadilla!

This is something just quick and easy for lunch or dinner and just so tasty!

You will need:

  • Tortilla (of your preference)
  • Black beansย (available in most supermarkets, I found them in Morissons)
  • Baby Spinach
  • Feta (other cheese could be used e.g. goats cheese or mozarella)
  • a small amount of oil for the pan (I use Fry light – coconut)

This is basicaIMG_1354.jpglly one of those chuck it all in kinda dishes so I just start with a couple of sprays of oil into the pan and let it heat for a while.

Then I pop the tortilla in and let it brown slightly on one side, and once thats done flip it over and thats when I’ll start adding everything. I make sure to drain the black beans and give them a little rinse, and the same with the spinach.

I like to put a little bit of feta on first so it has a chance to get warm in the pan and I do so on just half of the tortilla. Follow this with the spinach and the beans and just a little bit more feta on the top and then fold and flip to warm it through!

IMG_1352 (1).jpg

And thats pretty much it – very simple but very quick and yummy! I tend to add a little bit of spice in there too… todays choice was actually a sprinkle of the Nandos peri peri salt.

Hopefully someone out there will have a go and enjoy one of my new favourite dishes!!


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