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Hello 2017! | New year, new blog

So here it is, 2017 and after the events of 2016 it seems everybody is thrilled to see the start of the new year. But aren’t we always? Every year the good old new years resolutions appear and every year we repeat them so this time i decided to really push myself to stick to more positive changes in my life.

I’ve read recently that the idea of ‘new year, new me’ is damaging and could never have a positive effect in the long term – however as a creature of habit i find that i generally need a bit of a kick to get things started. With this in mind i decided to set myself 5 goals for the new year.. these may not start straight away and they may not last but I’m looking forward to the changes however small.


In 2016 I faced quite a few challenges and although I did not reach all of my goals, it has only made me more determined to make this year a success. I truly believe that a positive mind is paramount in achieving anything and alongside this thought i got a little something for christmas that will play a big part in this.


As someone who is just a tiny bit obsessed with stationary, the happiness planner is something i’ve lusted after for a while. As i mentioned before i tend to need that kickstart for many tasks and this so far (yes, just two days in) seems to be just the ticket!

Health and Body

I only actually discovered the gym in my second year at university, I’d been dancing for most of my life and just never really found the time or need before then. Since my discovery I have had an extremely love hate relationship with both the gym and eating well. With the gym I’d always want to go when I had way too much uni work, and then wouldn’t want to eat right whilst doing said work.

Since moving away I’ve found that I have a lot more spare time in which I’d usually use to socialise etc. which means now I don’t really have the excuse of trying to fit it into my schedule. Not only this but As I get older I feel a stronger need to take proper care of my body – eating healthy, keeping my body in good shape and even learning more about my skincare!

In terms of food I’m currently making my way through “Eat well every day” by Alice Liveing, and “I quit sugar” by Sarah Wilson. Both are delightful so far, and I hope to post more about them soon.


Over the past couple of years I have tried to visit as many places on my list as possible – bearing in mind the list contains pretty much everywhere in the world! I’ve been able to go skiing for the first time, I’ve been interrailing and many places in between.

This year I intend to carry on this ambition and try to keep to the rule of visiting a new place each time. So far I have trips booked to both Paris and Dublin and I hope to add to this soon, with summer destination still in discussion.


After finishing my law degree I actually got very down in the dumps over my future. I decided that maybe law was not the right path for me and for a while I felt very lost, however after starting my current job at a school and applying for teacher training starting in September I’ve developed a real passion for teaching and helping others. I intend to do the best I can in whichever career I choose, and those who know me will probably be sceptical as to whether I stick to this one and whats next. All I can say is that we’ll see, and I’ll work my hardest in whatever I do!


Starting this blog was a big step, although obviously its very new and I don’t hold high expectations (breaking my new positive rule??) I intend to make the most of it. Both myself and those around me have being saying for a long time it’s something that I should do so here I am – I’m positive that I will learn a lot through it (see what i did there)

I’m really looking forward to the next post already!


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